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GED Registration

Advance registration is usually required in order to take the GED test. You must usually register in person. You will need to bring in all the paperwork required.


The GED test is administered all across the U.S. You may find an official GED testing center from the GED test site using a zip code locator. Simply type in your zip code and the site will return various locations near you.

It's wise to contact a GED test center location before arriving just to be sure they are open. Most hold regular business hours, but it can vary from testing center to testing center. If you call the test site nearest you according to the zip code locator, you may ask if there is a closer site. Often there is so it can be helpful to check first.

In some states, you may be able to take the GED at any test center in that state. In others, you will be restricted to a specific test center. Again, it's best to contact a test center near you to find out all the rules and find out what you will need to bring with you in order to register.

More GED Test Information:

Learn more about the GED Test. Find out what GED scores mean and what the test covers.

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FREE GED Checklist:

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GED Checklist  

GED Checklist

Download and view the GED Checklist. Learn what's on the GED Test with this convenient checklist for keeping track of your progress.

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