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What is the GED Pre Test?

“Be Prepared.”  It’s a motto we’ve heard everywhere simply because being ready for what lies ahead is beneficial in many different situations or circumstances. Taking examinations and tests – especially the seven-hour, five-subject GED test – is one such situation and many people, particularly those who have been out of school for more than a few years, dread the thought of taking it and have a tough time preparing themselves for success.


The Basics of the GED Pre Test

Some – though not all – GED test centers require that prospective test takers successfully complete the GED pretest, which is intended to evaluate one's academic knowledge in comparison to what's required to pass the actual exam.  Some counties and states will also waive the fee of the GED exam for those individuals who have earned a passing score on the pre GED – which is yet another incentive to take the test.

There is no time limit for the 25 question pretest and it consists of the same five subjects that the GED test does, including the language arts (with emphasis on both reading literature and the basics of writing), basic mathematics (such as algebra, fractions and percentages), social studies, including both history and geography, as well as earth and physical sciences.

The same type of questions that are on the real GED test will also be used for the GED pre test in order to you an accurate idea of what to expect.  Taking an official pre GED test gives you the same experience, so not only will you be familiar with the type of questions used, but you'll also have a better idea as to what to expect when it comes time to take the actual examination.

Pre GED Test Resources

Local libraries, schools, community centers and colleges, as well as universities all have details and resources about earning a GED and taking the pre GED. Your state's Department of Education website should also have plenty of information about GED testing and related resources throughout your home state.  To find the site for your location, use your favorite search engine and type in "Department of Education" + "Your state" without the quotes and it should be one of the first few results listed.

There are also many websites offering GED courses and GED practice test resources, some free of charge and others for a fee.  The sites that require a fee usually offer instant access to testing results as well as an evaluation by instructors who provide pointers and tips as to how to improve your score, if necessary.  Just be aware that although practice and preparation tests are legitimate – whether they're free or not – it still isn't possible to take the actual GED online, so don't be duped by companies or websites that say they offer real diplomas after taking their tests.

Instead of thinking of earning a GED as an end to your educational efforts, why not think of it as merely the beginning instead?  People from all walks of life and in all different types of industries have started their careers by earning a GED before going on to earn millions and become successful in their respective fields.  As a matter of fact, many who have earned a GED have continued on with their schooling to receive not only an Associate's or Bachelor's degree, but a Master's or Doctorate degree as well.

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