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Taking Your GED in Spanish

The number of Hispanic immigrants is growing rapidly – in fact, there may soon be more people of Hispanic descent than of any other minority group in the US.  In some cases, when Spanish-speaking families with teenage sons and daughters move, their children may have a tough time completing a high school diploma.  However, the GED exam has been available in the Spanish language since 1969 – so there’s no reason not to pursue this educational opportunity. 


Differences Between the GED in Spanish and English

For the most part, the Spanish GED and the English GED differ only in terms of the language they’re written in.  The format and questions on the Spanish exam are comparable to ones that you would find on an English version.  In some cases, you may even take your exam with others who are taking the English version of the GED test.  But don’t worry – if you have questions or need help, there will be at least one Spanish speaking proctor available to help you.

How to Prepare for the Spanish GED

As with the English version, you’ll need to study a variety of subjects that will be covered on the exam.  Ideally, you should set aside time each day to gain a good understanding of the materials you’ll be tested on.  You may also want to take advantage of study aids available online or in local schools and bookstores.  These products will help you identify your trouble spots and give you strategies to use to overcome them.  

Where to Find GED Spanish Classes and Study Materials

If you live in a primarily Spanish-speaking neighborhood, you may be able to find classes right in your community.  You may also be able to contact the education department in your state and ask if they have a list of centers that offer classes in Spanish.  They may also have a special list of places where you can purchase study guides in Spanish and many other languages. 

You may also want to look into taking one of the many online GED courses available.  For the most part, study materials and manuals are widely available in bookstores, but they can be more expensive than the resources you’ll find online.  Just be careful – it’s currently not possible to take the actual GED online, so steer of any site that offers you a diploma for the exam.

Locating Spanish GED Testing Facilities

Unfortunately, not every testing facility has a person on hand that can administer the GED in Spanish.  It’s best to contact your state education department before you sign up to find out which centers can offer you accommodations.  If there isn’t a center close to where you live, ask if special arrangements can be made so that you don’t have to travel great distances to take the exam.

Even if you’re having trouble learning English as a secondary language, you can still get your high school diploma by taking the Spanish-language GED.  Taking the GED in Spanish will give you the same type of certificate as taking the exam in English.  As you might expect, having a GED will help you to get a better job or enable you to pursue higher education in the future.

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