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Is College a Possibility with a GED?

If you've ever found yourself wondering, "If I get my GED instead of a high school diploma, will I still be eligible for college?" you might be surprised to learn of all the positive facts and statistics in your favor.

Or, perhaps you earned your GED years ago are worried you won't be accepted to the college of your choice if you go back to earn a college degree?  Again, statistics indicate that pursuing higher education is definitely possible, whether you've earned a high school diploma or successfully passed the GED test.  In fact, as many as 60% of people who have taken the GED indicate that they plan to pursue a college degree in the future.


According to the American Council on Education, the organization that represents and coordinates all types of higher education institutions in the U.S., a whopping 98% of all colleges and universities recognize and accept the GED in regards to their prospective students' credentials.  However, depending on the individual institution, you may also be required to take additional testing before admittance to ascertain if you’re actually ready for college-level courses, or if you need to take review courses first.

Additional tests may include the SAT Reasoning Test, or SAT I or the SAT II tests, which measure general and more specific subject knowledge.  Another exam that may be required for admission consideration is the ACT exam, which is another widely recognized college admission and placement test.

Attending College After Getting Your GED

In order to be considered for acceptance into a college or university, you must first either successfully complete high school, or get your GED.  Considering that so many higher learning institutions consider the GED to be equal to the standard high school diploma, there's really no reason why anyone can't realize their dream of continuing their education beyond the high school level.

GED recipients also have the option of first attending a community college to earn credits toward a degree, or earn an associate's degree first and then transfer to another college or university to continue on toward a bachelor's degree.  This can be a more comfortable path for students who have been out of the traditional education system for some time.

There's more good news for GED recipients – financial aid from the government is available to you, provided you meet the eligibility requirements. The main requirements are demonstrated financial need and enrollment in an accredited program from a college or university leading toward either a degree or a certificate of completion.

Never let the fact that you have a GED as opposed to a regular high school diploma keep you from attending college, from bettering yourself and furthering your career.  Most colleges are happy to accept GED recipients and recognize that this achievement is comparable to completing four years of high school.  By pursuing higher education after receiving your GED, you’ll ultimately earn more money and enjoying a more secure financial future for you and your family. 

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