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Financial Certification Exams

There are a number of different Financial Certification Exams to choose from depending on what career field you plan to pursue. Learn about the Financial Certification Exams.

Financial Exams
Series Exams

CFA Exam
Learn about the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. Gain an overview on the CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2, and CFA Level 3 exams.

CPA Exam
Certified Public Accountants (CPA) must take and pass the CPA exam. Discover who may take this exam and the requirements you must meet.

Series 3 Exam
Learn about the National Commodity Futures Examination, get a Series 3 license and be qualified to sell commodities or futures contracts.

Series 4 Exam
Become a Registered Options Principal by gaining your Series 4 license.

Series 6 Exam
Gaining your Series 6 license means you have the credentials to become a Registered Representative to work in redeemable securities at many companies.

Series 7 Exam
Pass the General Securities Representative test and gain your Series 7 license and become qualified to purchase, solicit, or sell securities.

Series 11 Exam
Take the Assistant Representative – Order Processing test and gain your Series 11 license.

Series 23 Exam
Work as a general securities broker by taking the General Securities Principle – Sales Supervisor exam. Gain your Series 23 license.

Gain a Financial Credential

Series 24 Exam
Gain your Series 24 license by passing the General Securities Principal exam. Become registered to manage general securities broker-dealers.

Series 26 Exam
Take the Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Limited Principal test. Gain your Series 26 license.

Series 27 Exam
Gain your Series 27 license. Take the Financial and Operations Principal exam.

Series 62 Exam
Pass the Corporate Securities Limited Representative test and gain your Series 62 license.

Series 63 Exam
In order to gain your Series 63 license, you will need to pass the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam.

Series 65 Exam
The Series 65 exam, also known as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination will enable you to become an investment adviser representative. Gain your Series 65 license.

Series 66 Exam
Get your Series 66 license. Pass the Uniform Combined State Law Examination.

Series 87 Exam
The Series 87 exam is often a requirement of research analysts. Learn how to gain your Series 87 license.


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